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Industrias Medina, S. A. de C. V. is a company with a trajectory of more than 35 years. Its founder was DON TIBURCIO MEDINA CAMPOS. A visionary man with a great knowledge in the field. Through the years he cherished experience and reinforced his knowledge with the incorporation of Pleuger's Deutsche technology, leader on top technology in that time and also now in the manufacturing of motors and submersible pumps.

Through out the years the MEDINA pumps have constantly been improved, with great success. As a result the manufacturing quality has been maintained standard in many actions fields of the MEDINA pumps such as: Agriculture, Mining and potable water systems among others.

Right now, we sell and give service support to practically every place in the Mexican Republic. Also regarding the international market, we export to our affiliated company in the United States, and we've also begun to export spare parts to Hamburg, Germany.

Industrias Medina has a wide Knowledge, product of years of experience on the service provided to government agencies in several states of the Mexican Republic, and in the field of federal institutions such as:

  • National Commission of Water.
  • National Commission of Electricity.
  • National Commission of Water in the Valley of Mexico.
  • Government of the Federal District.
  • Secretary of Agriculture.
  • Pan-American Azufrera.
  • Exploring Company of the Itsmo.
  • Mexican Oil (PEMEX).

In the mining industry we have successfully provided to the great Mining consorts like:


These two consorts gather hundreds of mining developments and also some prestigious independent companies.

Through the years we have supplied to almost 1,000 potable water systems in several states, cities and private companies.

In addition we've participated in State and Federal programs of efficient use of water and savings of electrical energy.

We have a great presence in the Alimentary Industry and Beverages. Also we have worked successfully on other sectors like: Chemical and Metals and Machinery.

Don Tiburcio Medina Campos
Founder of Industrias MEDINA


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